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Members of the Pavers Team have contributed to conferences at several occasions. An excerpt is listed below. Not all contributions are downloadable. Simple mail us and we will send you the requested document.

Subject Paper
Aircraft ACN data Microsoft Excel sheet with ACN data of military and civil aircraft Download
Aircraft Load data Transport Canada has compiled a complete set of aircraft loading data "A to Z". Download
Paper on multiple axles Do tandem and triple axles really deserve their bad reputation?
This topic was addressed at the 6th Int'l DUT-workshop organised by the Delft Technical University 2006.
PPT on multiple axles Based on a stress peak analysis and a combined axle approach, it was shown that the combined effect of tandem and triple loads is often overestimated in pavement design. Download
Pavers ® version3.0 Screen shots of Pavers ® v 3,0 (Beta version) Download
Airport design The PCN Runway Strength Rating and Load Control System. Paper prepared for the 2005 European Airport Pavement Workshop organised by CROW. Download
Pavement analysis The Elastic Length: Key to the Analysis of Multi-Layered Concrete Pavement Structures. Int’l Workshop on Design Theories and Their Verification. Turkey, 2004. Mail us
The Concept The Pavers System: A Knowledge Sharing Concept in the Design and Assessment of Road, Airfield and Industrial Pavement. FAA Technology Transfer Conference, 2004. Download
Text book Pavement Design and Evaluation. The Required Mathematics and Applications. Dr. Frans Van Cauwelaert (Member of the Pavers Team). ISBN 2-9600430-0-6 Order at your store
FWD-analysis Back-calculating flexible pavement structures, 2003. Download
Road design Rekenen aan gebonden funderingen, 2004 (Dutch only) Download
Airport design An Introduction to Military Airport Pavement Design. Strabag Workshop on Airfields. Vienna, 2003. Mail us
PCN assessment PCN Assessment using Pavers software, 2002. Mail us
Pavement analysis Standard and Recommended Practises for FWD-based Evaluation and Reporting Strength. BCRA Workshop. Lisbon, 2003. Download
FWD analysis Conversion of KUAB H/FWD deflection basins to Dynatest, Carl Bro and Jills Download
Theory The General Solution For A Slab Submitted To Centre and Edge Loads And Resting On a Kerr foundation”. International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Gordon & Breach Publishers, 2002 Download
Standard Dutch Ministry of Defence Standard for the evaluation of airport pavement, 2000. Download
FWD analysis Road Pavement Assessment of remaining structural life based on SCI in and n/s wheel paths, 2001. Download
Theory Shear Transfer and Deflection Ratio’s at a joint of a concrete slab. Paper prepared for the 4th Int’l Workshop on Design Theories and Their Verification. Portugal, 1988. Download
Rigid pavement Fatigue Properties of Plain Concrete, Workshop on Pavements, CROW 1998. Download
Acrobat Reader The Download Documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Acrobat Reader to read the documents. Download
Office Viewers Get a file viewer if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed. Download

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