Worked Examples
Design of an airport pavement

Input screen with flexible and rigid models
Sharing knowledge on Pavement Design and Evaluation is central to our philosophy. A help screen gives input values. Help files are available to explain all items and elaborate on the use of the program.

Build any traffic pattern using the traffic module
From the Fleet Composition Menu you have access to edit Aircraft information and to add new types. The program includes a database of over two hundred aircraft with their ACN values. Own loads can simply be added.

Defining the pavement structure
Each material is characterized with it's own equations for determination of (residual) life as a function of stress/strain level and elastic modulus. Both life regarding to prediction of cracking and to permanent deformation can be considered.

Defining movements and lateral wander
In the design phase, the transverse distribution of loads can be considered for each load type by a normal distribution.

Calculating the total fleet damage
Results of a structural pavement design, giving accumulated Miner damage of each layer (including subgrade).

The data can be exported in various file formats or copied to spreadsheets for further processing and reporting.

View the Asphalt damage plot on-the-fly
Damage graph across the pavement for the selected aircraft mix can then be displayed.

In this case the CTB is the critical layer
The critical pavement layer can easily be assessed, since every pavement layer and subgrade have a transfer function. In this pavement structure, the Cement Treated Base is the critical pavement layer.

Damage plot for subgrade
Results can be reported, exported and printed.

The PCN index is 90 F/C/W/T
PCN is a standard module of Pavers to calculate ACN/PCN values based on the methods used by ICAO.

If you have a Falling Weight use the NDT module
When a FWD data file (Excel format) has been loaded into Pavers, pavement information can be entered and after calculation of elastic layer properties, the residual life and/ort PCN option is used for calculating structural values.

Define or Use predefined transfer functions
Parameters defining material depending transfer functions, unrestricted traffic etc. are all user controllable.