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VIA Aperta provides professional engineering services. VIA Aperta (lat) means 'the good road' and is a conjugate of Aperio (lat): uncover, reveal, discover, lay bare, make accessible, explain, disclose.

Sharing Knowledge is essential to improve !

VIA Aperta offers a wide range of international consulting engineering services, including pavement deflection testing and analysis, profiling measurements, pavement distress surveys, friction surveys and pavement management system installations. Using advanced techniques we offer clients methods and methodologies by providing professional services, software, training courses and engineering tools. Our methodology is applicable to pavement structures world-wide. We draw some 75 years pooled experience of pavement design and non-destructive techniques of all kind of pavements structures.
  1. Structural pavement design and evaluation (any type of pavement or material).
  2. Pavement distress surveys on highways, container terminals and airfield pavements.
  3. Structural and functional analysis of FWD and roughness data.
  4. Development and sales of software products, including products such as PAVERS and Bound Base.
  5. PCN Assessments in accordance with ICAO, FAA or CROW guidelines using FWD-measurements, targeted coring & laboratory testing.
  6. Implementation of GIS based Pavement Management Systems.
  7. Rideability Assessment of Runways using aircraft-profile interaction.
  8. Pavement studies and literature surveys into specific topics.
  9. Knowledge transfer through pavement projects and engineering training courses.