Pavers and PCN Assignment  

Pavers ® enables the calculation of a PCN according to the ICAO ACN-PCN load classification method, which is also used within NATO from 2001 on. Whilst ICAO does not recommend specific software, use of a system such as Pavers brings many benefits. Pavers ® also supports the Dutch CROW Guideline on PCN Assignment (2005), The Ministry of Defense Standard on Pavement Strength Evaluation an Classification (2001), and is recommended as preferred NATO tool for PCN assignment (2005). Pavers can be used for Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) data analysis, back-calculation of pavement structures, structural design of road pavements, airport pavements, container terminal pavements, concrete block pavements, rigid and flexible pavements, and pavements with unbound and bound bases. All mathematical models and theories used are presented and explained in full. Membership of the User Group is Automatic upon purchase of the system. A helpdesk is available.