Support Request
Contact us to report a problem

From time to time we receive email which we are unable to reply to, due to problems with the senders email address, server etc. For this reason it is important that you also include your phone, fax and address details in all correspondence. Make sure you also include the version of Pavers ® or Bound Base™ you are using, the version of Windows and any hardware details you feel may be relevant. It will help us to process your report if you specify the following in your message. Thank you.

  • The version number and date of Pavers ® or Bound Base™ that you are using (details appear on the screen when you start the program)
  • The type of hardware that you are using
  • The operating system that you are using
  • The exact wording of any messages that appeared on your screen
  • The details of the problem you have encountered. And if it is possible, please inform us how to reproduce it.
  • How you tried to solve the problem
  • Please provide your registration code in case you are a registered user and our technical support staff will deal with your problem with priority.

Note: Please check our FAQ section before sending out an email. Maybe your answer is right there.

We maintain a bug reporting and prioritised resolution system. We give a bug a priority based on its severity. The definition of any bug's severity is determined by whether it directly affects your ability to solve a problem. If a bug keeps you from being able to solve a problem, it receives the highest priority. If you report a bug that does not keep you from solving a problem, it receives a lower priority. Also, if we can provide a workaround to the bug, it receives a lower priority.