Pavers ® is the result of a team effort and of a strong belief that sharing knowledge is essential to innovate and improve the pavement tool and membership of the PAVERS User Group is automatic upon purchase of the system.

The initial development started at CROW in 1993. Specialists in the field started to harmonise the structural evaluation of jointed rigid pavements. The results were published and coded in the software tool UECSlab, which is distributed by CROW in the Netherlands only.

However, the developers Frans Van Cauwelaert, Bert Thewessen and Marc Stet teamed up in PAVERS and started to improve these earlier models and consequently the program Pavers ® was developed.  Pavers ® is an acronym for PAVement Evaluation and Reporting Strength. The need of a practical yet paramount pavement design and assessment software tool led to the development of PAVERS. In 1999 the program was extended for the Dutch Ministry of Defense (MOD), and several models were improved and added, making it suitable for the design and evaluation of flexible pavement as well.

The initial effort has culminated in the development of a versatile and powerful software tool for flexible, composite and rigid pavement based on layered elastic analysis and on thin plate theory. The latest Pavers ® version 2.8 & Update was released in the summer of 2012.

The program is now in use world-wide by a wide clientele of major (airport & container terminal) pavement consultants, engineering companies and universities such as, a.o.:
  • The Boeing Company (USA),
  • APM Terminals (Netherlands),
  • AIMIL Engineers Ltd (India),
  • BAM Wegen, Technologie, Materieel en Asfalt (Netherlands),
  • Arcus GIBB (South Africa),
  • BRVZ SP.zoo (Poland),
  • CECI Engineering Consultants (Taiwan, ROC),
  • China Engineering Consultants Inc. (Taiwan, Republic of China),
  • Civil Aviation Technical Department of France, former Service Technique des Bases Aériennes (Paris Airports, France),
  • College of Military Engineering (India),
  • Dorsch Consult (Germany),
  • DDC Consulting & Engineering Ltd (Slovenia),
  • Dutch Ministry of Defense (Netherlands),
  • DHV Group (Netherlands),
  • Flemish Community (Belgium),
  • Heiden Labor für Baustoff- und Umweltprüfung (Germany),
  • Heijmans Geïntegreerde Projecten (former Breijn Wegbouwkunde; Netherlands),
  • Institut Gradevinarstva Hrvastske (Croatia),
  • FAA Center of Excellence for Airport Pavement Research (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA),
  • Larsen & Toubro ECC (Mumbai, India),
  • Lehmann + Partner. Die Strassengutachter (Germany),
  • MKS International (Iran);
  • Nievelt Labor & Ingenieur GmbH (Austria),
  • Ooms International Holding (Netherlands),
  • Road & Airfield Pavement Technology REserch center (RAPTRE), Thailand,
  • Ramböll Sverige AB (Sweden),
  • RouteAero Eng & Tech Consultants Co (Taiwan, ROC),
  • SINTEF (Norway),
  • SIPROMA s.r.l. (Italy & Argentina),
  • Spiekermann Consulting Engineers (Germany),
  • STS Engineering Consultants (Thailand);
  • Transtech s.r.l (Italy),
  • University of Delft Technology (Netherlands);
  • University of Gdansk (Poland),
  • University of Hannover (Germany),
  • University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Technology (Germany),
  • Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi - RMUTT, (Thailand)
  • University of Zagreb (Croatia),
  • VIA Aperta Pavement Consultants (Netherlands),
  • Wideurope Engineering Italy,
  • Wideurope Engineering Middle East.