Easy to use, yet comprehensive Material models
  • The user-friendly menu driven interface runs under Microsoft Windows.
  • functions are accessible from the toolbar:
  • typical runs take a fraction of a second on today's Pentium PC's
  • report quality hard copies can be made on the wide range of printers supported by Microsoft Windows
  • results can be easily exported to other application packages such as spreadsheets for further processing.
  • pavement and loading databases eliminate need to constantly re-key information.
  • multi-layered pavement system for flexible and rigid pavement
  • isotropic and anisotropic materials
  • determine asphalt properties based on volumetric composition and bitumen characteristics
  • determine cement concrete properties based on compressive or tensile strength
  • fatigue transfer relationships taken from literature are included in the program library
  • wide range of performance criteria includes all popular models for asphalt, cement concrete, base and subgrade
  • define your own criteria and add them to the database
Traffic Windows operating system
  • no limit on the number of types or loading conditions
  • uses actual multi-wheel gear layout
  • wander statistics specified by standard deviation
  • multiple loads can be placed anywhere on a concrete slab
  • analysis explicitly uses specified spectrum
  • no erroneous short-cuts such as "equivalent" single wheels
  • does not require conversion to coverage’s
  • special loadings for aircraft are included in database
  • Microsoft ® Windows 95/98
  • Microsoft ® Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, NT4, XP
  • Microsoft ® Windows Vista
  • Microsoft ® Windows 7
  • Microsoft ® Windows 8
  • Microsoft ® Windows 10

Pavement models Minimum system requirements
  • multi-layer Burmister model for flexible pavements
  • multi-layer plate model for rigid pavements
  • forward and back-calculation (FWD-pavement modelling)
  • capable of varying interface friction condition
  • capable to back-calculate interface condition (from slip, to partial friction to full bond)
  • the performance of all pavement layers and subgrade can be assessed
  • 4.0 MB of free space on hard disk
  • IBM ® -compatible PC
  • 800x600 pixels display.
  • Microsoft ® Excel® for Windows.
  • Microsoft ® Mouse or compatible mouse.