<body> Pavers is a premium analytical pavement design and evaluation tool which provides you with an edge over your competition. The PAVERS Team strives to make state-of-the-art pavement tools designed specifically for FWD evaluation and Design of road, industrial and airport pavements. The tool allows to back-calculate FWD-deflections, model the pavement structure, (re-)design the pavement, determine the load-carrying capacity (in terms of ACN/PCN), calculate the remaining pavement life and determine feasible rehabilitation measures. It is a complete software package that allows the modern pavement engineer to define or use calibrated performance models and failure criteria for all pavement layers and subgrade in his pavement design and H/FWD assessment projects. Hence, the effect of different pavement materials, strengths, load or complex load mixes can quickly be explored. Sharing knowledge is essential to innovate and improve the tools and membership of the PAVERS User Group is automatic upon purchase of the system. The User input into future developments and the ability to incorporate new features with strong and functional designs really makes Pavers &reg; state-of-the-art. This concept enables you to exploit all the comprehensive advancements in technology with maximum of ease to use. <a href="content.html">Introduction on PAVERS & pavement design.</a> <a href="acn_pcn.html">ACN-PCN page.</a> <a href="nato.html">NATO PCN method page.</a> <a href="examples.html">Pavement design examples.</a> <a href="useful_links.html">Pavement resources & links page.</a> <a href="Oude%20HTMLs/home_OLD.html">News and announcements page.</a> <a href="legal_notice.html">Terms and conditions page.</a> </body>