Pavers ® brings new efficiencies to the complex and demanding task of road, airport and industrial pavement design, construction, evaluation, and maintenance.

The versatile tool allows to back-calculate FWD-deflections, model the pavement structure, (re-)design the pavement, determine the load-carrying capacity (in terms of ACR/PCR or ACN/PCN), calculate the remaining pavement life and determine feasible rehabilitation measures. It is a complete software package that allows the modern pavement engineer to define or use calibrated performance models and failure criteria for all pavement layers and subgrade in his pavement design and H/FWD assessment projects. Hence, the effect of different pavement materials, strengths, load or complex load mixes can quickly be explored.


Pavers ® is a premium pavement design tool which provides you with an edge over your competition. Pavers ® saves time on data analysis, enhances competitiveness, reduces costs and saves money. The unique methodology rigorously incorporates lateral vehicle wander and state-of-the-art pavement material properties and performance models. Pavers ® calculates the cumulative damage induced by the whole traffic spectrum comprising any combination of aircraft types and load configurations. Any current pavement design methodology can be used in conjunction with Pavers ®.

Pavement models

The basis of any mechanistic pavement design method are the structural pavement models employed. Sound understanding of it’s basic principles and limitations is mandatory.

Pavers Users Group

The conviction of the PAVERS Team to share and transfer knowledge with other people and companies working in the field of FWD evaluation, forms the basis for the on-going development of the program. The User input into future developments and the ability to incorporate new features with strong and functional designs really makes Pavers ® state-of-the-art. They who participate in the Pavers concept, share their knowledge in order to innovate and benefit to exploit all the comprehensive advancements in technology with maximum of ease to use.

Pavement Design concept

Over the years a gradual transition took place moving from empirical pavement design methods to rational design concepts using mechanistic-empirical calibrated performance models.

Design and Strenght Assessment

Once the structural pavement parameters are assessed, the life (or bearing capacity) can be determined. The (residual) pavement life is derived by deducting the historical load repetitions from the initial allowable number of load repetitions corrected for lateral wander.

Back-calculating structural pavement parameters

In pavement evaluation surveys, the structural condition is deduced from Falling Weight Deflection response. The recorded deflections are converted into a pavement model to assess the dynamic pavement performance.

Load Carrying-capacity of airport pavement

Pavers ® enables the determination of a technical load carrying capacity expressed in terms of LCN or PCN of an airport pavement.