PAVERS® Users Group

Pavers Users Group

The conviction of the PAVERS Team to share and transfer knowledge with other people and companies working in the field of FWD evaluation, forms the basis for the on-going development of the program. The User input into future developments and the ability to incorporate new features with strong and functional designs really makes Pavers ® state-of-the-art. They who participate in the Pavers concept, share their knowledge in order to innovate and benefit to exploit all the comprehensive advancements in technology with maximum of ease to use.

Invitation to join the Users Group

The Pavers Team invites all customers to join Pavers Users Group. We are committed to a high level of customer communication and feedback. Your ideas and comments help us to continue to provide the highest quality support in the business. We welcome your comments, criticisms, bug reports and suggestions for future releases of Pavers ® and Bound Base™. We consider your feedback to be an important part of the continued success of our products, so please send us your ideas to implement in future versions of the software tool.

License fees are essential for the on-going development and improvement the program. Those who buy a license are registered and invited to join the User's Group. The Users feedback enables us to integrate User demands into next versions of the program. Within the maintenance service period, registered users get free updates and revisions of the program. As a User Group member, you can help decide what the next improvement to the program will be. New developments not funded by the Users Group will be made available to all User Group Members at reasonable costs.