Pavers ® is a premium pavement design tool which provides you with an edge over your competition. Pavers ® saves time on data analysis, enhances competitiveness, reduces costs and saves money. The unique methodology rigorously incorporates lateral vehicle wander and state-of-the-art pavement material properties and performance models. Pavers ® calculates the cumulative damage induced by the whole traffic spectrum comprising any combination of aircraft types and load configurations. Any current pavement design methodology can be used in conjunction with Pavers ®.

Easy to use, yet comprehensive

  • The user-friendly menu driven interface runs under Microsoft Windows.
  • functions are accessible from the toolbar:
  • typical runs take a fraction of a second on today's PC's
  • report quality hard copies can be made on the wide range of printers supported by Microsoft Windows
  • results can be easily exported to other application packages such as spreadsheets for further processing.
  • pavement and loading databases eliminate need to constantly re-key information.


  • no limit on the number of types or loading conditions
  • uses actual multi-wheel gear layout
  • wander statistics specified by standard deviation
  • multiple loads can be placed anywhere on a concrete slab
  • analysis explicitly uses specified spectrum
  • no erroneous short-cuts such as "equivalent" single wheels
  • does not require conversion to coverage’s
  • special loadings for aircraft are included in database

Pavement models

  • multi-layer Burmister model for flexible pavements
  • multi-layer plate model for rigid pavements
  • forward and back-calculation (FWD-pavement modelling)
  • capable of varying interface friction condition
  • capable to back-calculate interface condition (from slip, to partial friction to full bond)
  • the performance of all pavement layers and subgrade can be assessed

Material models

  • multi-layered pavement system for flexible and rigid pavement
  • isotropic and anisotropic materials
  • determine asphalt properties based on volumetric composition and bitumen characteristics
  • determine cement concrete properties based on compressive or tensile strength
  • fatigue transfer relationships taken from literature are included in the program library
  • wide range of performance criteria includes all popular models for asphalt, cement concrete, base and subgrade
  • define your own criteria and add them to the database

Windows operating system

  • Microsoft ® Windows 11
  • Microsoft ® Windows 10
  • Microsoft ® Windows 8
  • Microsoft ® Windows 7
  • Microsoft ® Windows Vista
  • Microsoft ® Windows 2000, NT4, XP
  • Microsoft ® Windows ME
  • Microsoft ® Windows 95/98